A Taste of the Huon is a showcase of the quality food, wine, produce, arts, crafts and plants sourced from the Huon Valley, D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island regions of Tasmania. The region produces goods that are of world-class standards and the Festival has become a showcase for Tasmanian produce.

As such, strict standards and levels of professionalism must be adhered to in order to maintain the level of quality A Taste of the Huon Inc. require that will reflect such stature.

In 2020, A Taste of the Huon Inc. will be placing particular emphasis on stall presentation, construction and anchoring and this will be policed strictly over the course of the festival. It is therefore a requirement of A Taste of the Huon Inc. that:

  1. Marquees used for the event must be clean, presentable and professional in appearance – old camping tents or makeshift shanties are not considered suitable, these must be up to code as a building inspector will inspect the festival grounds.
  2. Every effort to decorate and theme your stall is made – this is an ideal way to attract customers to your stall as well as enhancing the overall appearance and feel of the festival. Staff should be clean and presentable with uniforms identifying the stall and are to provide the highest level of customer service to our patrons.
  3. All stall frames and signage must be of strong material and sound construction and pegged down, weighted and/or attached securely to combat inclement weather. No advertising outside of the stall area is permitted.

In addition, all food and beverage stalls must ensure that:

  1. The material used in the make-up of the shell of the stall is fire retardant if an ignitable fuel source is being used.
  2. Cement sheeting to a minimum height of 300mm is placed at the back of all ignitable cooking sources including BBQ’s, deep fryers and gas cookers, as per the attached link.
  3. Flooring is provided, in accordance with the Department of Health & Human Services Guidelines for Temporary Food Stalls. A tarp or vinyl floor covering is sufficient. Further information regarding stall set-up can be directed to Huon Valley Council’s Environmental Health Officer (contact details provided in section 4).
  4. All Liquor Licensing requirements are fully complied with.

PLEASE NOTE: The Festival Coordinator and Committee members will be making rounds during setup and over the course of the festival to ensure that these rules are adhered to. A Taste of the Huon Inc. reserves the right to close a site if presentation and construction is not of an acceptable standard and/or not in accordance with the stallholder’s original submission.