All equipment intended for use at the event must be checked by a licensed electrician and tagged and tested prior to installation onsite. If your equipment has previously been tagged and you need to test it, plug all power sockets into an earth leakage circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips out, you have a problem with your equipment. Any equipment found to be faulty will not be connected to the distribution system.

Stallholders must provide their own power boards and 25 metre extension leads to connect to the main distribution system.

Power supply is limited. In order not to overload your allocated supply, you must not bring more equipment than you outline in your application form (distribution will be calculated and accounted for on that basis). Be aware that over usage of sockets has a detrimental effect on other stall holders and we will be policing this heavily. A Taste of the Huon Inc. reserves the right to close a site if they are not acting in accordance with previously stated power requirements.

The following table will give you an indication of typical power usage per appliance:

1 kilowatt = 4.2 amps (Amps = Watts divided by 240)

Type of Equipment
Amps Needs Dedicated Socket
Fans 1-2 No
Small Urn 4-5 No
Average Fridge 5 No
Small Bain-marie 7 No
Large Bain-marie 10 No
Large metal Urn 10 No
Microwave 10 No
Large Fridge 10-12 No
Chest Freezer 11-12 No
Deep Fryer 15 Yes
Espresso Machine 15 Yes

PLEASE NOTE: This is an average estimation of power usage, refer to the label on the back of the equipment for a more accurate figure.

All sockets booked for the festival are charged at $75 plus GST per socket 10amp or 15amp (3.2 kilowatts) single phase outlets.

Extra sockets required on the day that have not been booked prior to the festival will be charged at $100 plus GST per socket.

Lodgement of your application will be deemed acceptance of your obligation to comply with the strict electrical requirements and obligations and you indemnify A Taste of the Huon against all claims and demands associated with any breach of these requirements.

Please find the attached link for the gas regulations for your stall:

PLEASE NOTE: Use gas wherever possible.