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2021 Stallholder Information & Application Form

Attention Stallholders

Due to current situation with COVID-19, we recognise the uncertainties and challenges that the pandemic has put on the events and hospitality industry.  Due to this, A Taste of the Huon will not be accepting any payments for stalls until closer the event date – most likely February 2021.  Once applications close, all successful applicants will be emailed to confirm your place, and you will simply be able to log back into your application and make your payment online. More information about this process will be shared within your confirmation email.

We thank you for your understanding as we navigate this event under different and unusual circumstances for 2021.

Gareth Edie
Events Coordinator

1. Message From the President2020-11-27T15:13:57+11:00

Thank you for applying for a stall at A Taste of the Huon.

For 27 years, A Taste of the Huon Committee has successfully carried on the tradition of providing a food and wine festival that showcases produce from the Huon, D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island region. The festival is recognised as the most popular regional festival in Tasmania, and continues to grow in popularity each year with more producers wanting to join us.

We are always mindful that there are changing trends in food, beverages and entertainment and these are addressed prior to the organisation of the next festival. We ask that you carefully consider your menu and setup of your stall, with maybe a modern menu twist or quirky theme for your stall to ensure the festival continues to offer our world class produce in the best possible light.

The Committee and Festival Coordinator are always available to answer any questions before you submit your application, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best Wishes,

Rosemary Bennett
President, A Taste of the Huon

2. Festival Details2020-08-14T20:02:29+10:00

VENUE: Ranelagh Recreation Grounds – Marguerite St, Ranelagh TAS

DATES: Sunday 8th March 2020, 10.00am – 5.00pm Monday 9th March 2020, 10.00am – 4.00pm

There is a compulsory stallholder meeting in February 2020 (date to be confirmed), 6.30pm for 7.00pm start at the Ranelagh Memorial Hall (40 Marguerite St, Ranelagh).

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  1. Collect stallholders kit
  2. Meet the President, Committee Members, Festival Coordinator and other relevant coordinators
  3. Receive detailed information from the Festival Coordinator
  4. Provide an opportunity for questions and answers.

In accordance with the Agreement at the end of your application, attendance at this meeting is compulsory and failing to attend may result in forfeiting your stall site and site fee.

It is now a requirement of A Taste of the Huon Inc. that all stallholders have public and product liability insurance cover to the value of $10 million. Please ensure your details are completed in the stallholder application and include a copy of your insurance with your application.

Your application will not be considered until the appropriate insurance is provided.

3. Key Contact Details2020-08-14T20:01:50+10:00

Rosemary Bennett

Gareth Edie
P: 0457 877 723
A: PO Box 443, Huonville TAS 7109

5. Liquor Licensing Requirements2020-08-14T19:40:19+10:00

All stall holders providing alcohol must comply with the licensing requirements of the Liquor Licensing Act 2017.

Acceptance of your application by A Taste of the Huon will require your strict compliance with health and hygiene requirements and liquor licensing requirements (RSA) and you hereby indemnify A Taste of the Huon against all claims and demands relating to the operation of your stall at A Taste of the Huon.

6. Standards – Stall Presentation & Construction2020-08-14T20:00:22+10:00

A Taste of the Huon is a showcase of the quality food, wine, produce, arts, crafts and plants sourced from the Huon Valley, D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island regions of Tasmania. The region produces goods that are of world-class standards and the Festival has become a showcase for Tasmanian produce.

As such, strict standards and levels of professionalism must be adhered to in order to maintain the level of quality A Taste of the Huon Inc. require that will reflect such stature.

In 2020, A Taste of the Huon Inc. will be placing particular emphasis on stall presentation, construction and anchoring and this will be policed strictly over the course of the festival. It is therefore a requirement of A Taste of the Huon Inc. that:

  1. Marquees used for the event must be clean, presentable and professional in appearance – old camping tents or makeshift shanties are not considered suitable, these must be up to code as a building inspector will inspect the festival grounds.
  2. Every effort to decorate and theme your stall is made – this is an ideal way to attract customers to your stall as well as enhancing the overall appearance and feel of the festival. Staff should be clean and presentable with uniforms identifying the stall and are to provide the highest level of customer service to our patrons.
  3. All stall frames and signage must be of strong material and sound construction and pegged down, weighted and/or attached securely to combat inclement weather. No advertising outside of the stall area is permitted.

In addition, all food and beverage stalls must ensure that:

  1. The material used in the make-up of the shell of the stall is fire retardant if an ignitable fuel source is being used.
  2. Cement sheeting to a minimum height of 300mm is placed at the back of all ignitable cooking sources including BBQ’s, deep fryers and gas cookers, as per the attached link.
  3. Flooring is provided, in accordance with the Department of Health & Human Services Guidelines for Temporary Food Stalls. A tarp or vinyl floor covering is sufficient. Further information regarding stall set-up can be directed to Huon Valley Council’s Environmental Health Officer (contact details provided in section 4).
  4. All Liquor Licensing requirements are fully complied with.

PLEASE NOTE: The Festival Coordinator and Committee members will be making rounds during setup and over the course of the festival to ensure that these rules are adhered to. A Taste of the Huon Inc. reserves the right to close a site if presentation and construction is not of an acceptable standard and/or not in accordance with the stallholder’s original submission.

7. Menu, Produce, Product2020-08-14T19:58:06+10:00

IMPORTANT: In order to be considered eligible for A Taste of the Huon Festival, stallholders must be able to demonstrate that their produce and/or beverage and/or products are sourced wholly or partly from the Huon Valley, D’Entrecasteaux Channel and/or Bruny Island regions. This will be a main part of your menu.

The Committee understand that not every component of your menu can be sourced from the regions, but request that where possible you shop locally for Tasmanian produce, as this will help reinforce the Tasmanian Brand.

Please provide as much information about your menu and list all products that will be used, the more detail you provide, the easier it will be for the selection Committee to assess your application. You may add extra sheets of information.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be requested by the Festival Coordinator or Committee Member to provide evidence or receipts to support your application on the days of the festival.

Please do not assume that because you were successfully selected in past years that your application will be automatically accepted. Your menu and previous presentation of your stall will be taken into consideration when your application is being assessed but must adhere again to the guidelines.

Patron feedback from recent festivals indicated that meals have been too large and too expensive. Small ‘Taste Plates’ are more acceptable. Please remember the majority of our patrons are families.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of this year’s application, you will be required to produce and sell at least one Taste plate on your menu at a low cost and detail it in your food menu.

This year we will be identifying Gluten Free and Vegan dishes on the program, so please list or tick in the application form menu section if you have this option available.

All stallholders at A Taste of the Huon 2020 will be expected to have biodegradable packaging to assist us in our plight to be more environmentally friendly.

RAFFLES / COMPETITIONS: Raffles and competition activities on your stall are not permitted.

8. Electrical Requirements2020-08-14T19:41:29+10:00

All equipment intended for use at the event must be checked by a licensed electrician and tagged and tested prior to installation onsite. If your equipment has previously been tagged and you need to test it, plug all power sockets into an earth leakage circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips out, you have a problem with your equipment. Any equipment found to be faulty will not be connected to the distribution system.

Stallholders must provide their own power boards and 25 metre extension leads to connect to the main distribution system.

Power supply is limited. In order not to overload your allocated supply, you must not bring more equipment than you outline in your application form (distribution will be calculated and accounted for on that basis). Be aware that over usage of sockets has a detrimental effect on other stall holders and we will be policing this heavily. A Taste of the Huon Inc. reserves the right to close a site if they are not acting in accordance with previously stated power requirements.

The following table will give you an indication of typical power usage per appliance:

1 kilowatt = 4.2 amps (Amps = Watts divided by 240)

Type of Equipment
Amps Needs Dedicated Socket
Fans 1-2 No
Small Urn 4-5 No
Average Fridge 5 No
Small Bain-marie 7 No
Large Bain-marie 10 No
Large metal Urn 10 No
Microwave 10 No
Large Fridge 10-12 No
Chest Freezer 11-12 No
Deep Fryer 15 Yes
Espresso Machine 15 Yes

PLEASE NOTE: This is an average estimation of power usage, refer to the label on the back of the equipment for a more accurate figure.

All sockets booked for the festival are charged at $75 plus GST per socket 10amp or 15amp (3.2 kilowatts) single phase outlets.

Extra sockets required on the day that have not been booked prior to the festival will be charged at $100 plus GST per socket.

Lodgement of your application will be deemed acceptance of your obligation to comply with the strict electrical requirements and obligations and you indemnify A Taste of the Huon against all claims and demands associated with any breach of these requirements.

Please find the attached link for the gas regulations for your stall: public-events.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: Use gas wherever possible.

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Upload Photos
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A Taste of the Huon is an ideal platform to launch new products and ideas and has historically been the stepping-stone for many businesses in an idea evolving from its conceptual form to a viable business venture.


File Upload
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
PLEASE NOTE: The Huon Valley Council will be in contact with you once the stallholder list is finalised. For further information, please contact:
Environmental Health Officer
Huon Valley Council
Phone 03 6264 0300 or



Please attach your business COVID-19 safety plan. Remember this is essential to the event and for your application. Please also note that you are required to supply your own sanitiser dispense unit that needs to be clearly visible and accessible to all patrons.
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB


Please download the following COVID-19 safe behaviors document. During the event this A4 PDF must be clearly displayed throughout the duration event.
Download COVID-safe_behaviours_A4_poster


Public and Product liability insurance cover for the event is essential (min $10M)
A copy of your current policy must be provided with this application.
Upload a current copy of your Insurance Policy
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB


Please select the site option that most applies to you by ticking the relevant box.

STANDARD OPTION 1: Food and beverage stallholders providing a meal, snack size tasting, and/or beverages for consumption at the festival.
SIZE: 4 x 4 metre stand
COST: $550 + GST
INTENDED FOR: Standard site or van
Standard Option 1

STANDARD OPTION 2: Arts, crafts, plants, and produce stalls.
SIZE: 4 x 4 metre stand
COST: $250 + GST
INTENDED FOR: Standard site or van
Standard Option 2

EXTRA FRONTAGE REQUIREMENTS: Extra frontage (width of stall) is charged at $50.00 (plus GST) per metre.



For both Sunday and Monday, passes are required for all stallholders and your staff, if you intend on entering the ground after 9am.
No free stallholder passes will be issued after 9am.

GAS USAGE (Click the + symbol to add more Items)

PLEASE NOTE: Only bottled gas is to be used on site. There is no mains gas on the grounds.


POWER COST: $75 plus GST per 10amp or 15amp (3.2 kilowatts) single phase outlets.
Please note that no changes can be made to the electrical requirements 14 days before the festival.
Please tick if you require power to your site:

EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE (Click the + symbol to add more Items)

Use this section to identify what food, beverage and/or arts, crafts, produce you will be offering at the festival.

FOOD MENU (Click the + symbol to add more dishes)

PLEASE NOTE: at least one small ‘taste plate’ is essential on your menu for the 2020 A Taste of the Huon. Please also specify if your dish is Gluten Free (GF) or Vegan (V).

BEVERAGE LIST (Click the + symbol to add more beverages)

ARTS / CRAFTS / PLANTS / PRODUCE (Click the + symbol to add more products)


If this application is accepted by A Taste of the Huon Inc. (hereinafter referred to as A.T.O.H. Inc.), I/we agree to abide by the rules and regulations of A.T.O.H. Inc. including the following:

  1. I / we will provide public and product liability insurance cover for our stall to a minimum of $10,000,000.00, and workers compensation insurance for our employees. I/we understand that A.T.O.H. Inc. is not bound to indemnify us in relation to any losses arising from an action against us.
  2. I/we will provide such other insurance for our own benefit, including insurance in respect to loss, spoilage or theft of product and equipment, and loss of profits as we may require. I/we understand that A.T.O.H. Inc. shall not be liable to us for any such losses.
  3. I/we will provide my/our own tent, caravan or stall. I/we are aware that there may be requirements to comply with current building regulations, and I/we agree to comply with any such regulations. All structures are to be of sound construction and presentation, including attached signage and A.T.O.H. Inc. reserves the right to inspect and where not satisfied request alteration, modification or removal.
  4. I/we will comply with all relevant Council, Liquor Licensing requirements, Fire and Workplace Safety Standards including electrical safety. I/we understand that site inspections will be undertaken, and I/we understand it is our responsibility to ensure that the appropriate regulations are followed.
  5. The majority of my/our produce/product is locally sourced from local producers and produced in the Huon Valley, D’Entrecasteaux Channel or Bruny Island regions and is in conformity with the ingredients listed in our application. I/we agree to substantiate this on request by providing appropriate invoices or documentation.
  6. That I/we shall sell or display only the products listed in this application and that the products sold by us shall contain only the ingredients listed in the application. If these products are to be varied it will be only with the prior approval of the Committee.
  7. I/we shall not invite, allow or permit other persons or groups, other than those included on this application form to share or use my/our site.
  8. I/we acknowledge that A.T.O.H. Inc. shall not be liable to us in respect to any damage, harm, loss or consequential loss arising from any damage, deterioration, spoilage or loss by way of theft, power loss, or otherwise of any product or ingredient belonging to us, and that we are and shall remain solely responsible for the safe keeping and storage of such products. In particular, we acknowledge that A.T.O.H. Inc. advise against the storage of perishables and/or natural products within stalls overnight and that any such storage shall be at our own risk entirely.
  9. While A.T.O.H Inc. provide power to sites and every endeavour is made to provide continuity of supply, I/we acknowledge that A.T.O.H. Inc. is not responsible for items outside of their direct control i.e. general Aurora power failure and stallholder equipment tripping out the common earth leakage.
  10. That A.T.O.H Inc. may, for reasons including public safety and inclement weather, move the event to another location, cancel the event, or part of, and I/we agree that no subsequent claim of compensation or of any nature can be made against A.T.O.H Inc. as a result of this.
  11. I/we agree to be bound by the following rules of A.T.O.H. Inc. including:
    a. No advertising material (such as banners) or obstruction of any form is allowed outside the designated stall area including between the sites.
    b. Excessive noise such that it inconveniences other stallholders of the festival will not be allowed.
    c. While businesses are encouraged to pursue novel and interactive methods of attracting interest in their stall, practices disadvantaging others or endangering patrons will be discouraged.
  12. Withdrawal of your Application: ( 2021 this does not apply due to COVID - 19 )
    a. Withdrawal after 15th November means you will forfeit the total 50% paid plus GST
    b. Withdrawal on or after the 31st January means you will forfeit 100% of your site fee plus GST.
  13. I/We hereby indemnify A Taste of the Huon against all claims and demands by the Huon Valley Council, Commissioner for Licencing, public member or Stall owner relating to my/ our operation of the stall.
  14. If application is unsuccessful, I agree to abide by the Committee’s decision and will not enter into any form of correspondence with the Committee or Festival Coordinator.
  15. Please advise if your application is unsuccessful, whether you want to be placed on a waiting list, you will be contacted if a site becomes vacant.
  • A Stallholders Meeting will be held in February 2020 (date TBC) at the Ranelagh Memorial Hall.
  • Attendance at the stallholders meeting is compulsory.
  • If you are unable to attend, a suitable substitute, i.e. an employee that will be present on the two days of the festival, may attend. The Festival Coordinator must be notified of the name of the proxy who will be in attendance.
  • A stallholder’s kit will need to be collected at 6.30pm prior to the meeting commencing at 7pm.
  • Non-attendance at this meeting will result in forfeiting your stall site and site fee.
  • I/we acknowledge and accept our obligation to attend this meeting and acknowledge that my application may be revoked in the event of my/our failure to attend.

I/we agree to all the terms and conditions outlined within this agreement above

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